“Let It Roar” Sue Wong’s Launching of “Sue Wong Designer Estates” Rockin’ Bash

Iconic designer Sue Wong's Birthday Red Carpet Celebrity Celebration.
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Sue Wong is not only credited for the proud unveiling of the latest chapter of her life, “Sue Wong Designer Estates” but for shattering the darkness and putting the sparkle back into the Hollywood parties that we took for granted not so long ago. She picked up all the broken pieces in our fractured world all in one celebration in one single day…..Sue started a new epidemic of happiness.

After an entire year of hard work and labor done vastly via the hands of Ms. Wong, the 1920’s mansion was restored to its integrity and transformed into Villa Feliz, a 6000 square-foot 7 1/2 bath and 6 bedroom hacienda style grand estate. Like an alchemist she turned lead into gold with the lavish gardens, exotic cactus and a magnificent stained glass “Tree of Life.” The mansion is fully decorated with Andalusian/Moroccan art furnishings as seen by the guests during their exclusive tours offered throughout the event.

The entrance to the Red Carpet extravaganza was draped with Sue Wong signature gowns leading up to the crimson carpet where a barrage of endless flashes manipulated the scene. Perfection was vital as Sue’s majestic goddesses joined the carpet and cascaded throughout the day modeling Sue Wong fashions. From the carpet the guests gravitated  poolside and were served gourmet hors d’oeuvres and Rock’d Vodka courtesy of FM management and Smith Devereux wine courtesy of Ian White while The Golden Girl Dance Troop performed.

If you were invited to this gala event it meant you were of great importance to the TV and film industry, or an iconic rock n roll superstar, or a high society socialite or a great personal friend. Some of those present included: Scott Page from Pink Floyd, Billy Zane from Titanic, Chris Wyse from the Hollywood Vampires, Ken Davitian from Borat and Cobra Kai, Jon Tempesta from The Cult, Rock god Leland Sklar from Toto, James Taylor, Phil Collins and nearly every musician on the planet, Kenny Aronoff from Smashing Pumpkins and John Mellencamp, ARO pop solo artist, Rachael Rine and Jenna Snyde of Paradise Kitty, Shelita, singer/songwriter, Jack O’Halloran from the original Superman and King Kong, Scream Queens, Sadie Katz, Sarah French, and Sheri Davis, Claudia Wells from Back to the Future, supermodels, Eugenia Kuzmina and Jennifer Rubin, Mike Ferguson from Animal Kingdom, Kick Kennedy daughter of RFK, Chris Pitman of Guns N Roses, Ronn Moss from The Bold and The Beautiful and Player, Will Champlin 2x Grammy winner and so many others. The celebration was also honored by the presence of the  VENERABLE ABBOT, SHI YANFAN of the SHAOLIN TEMPLE.

An eloquent woman wears her clothes they do not wear her. Sue Wong was certainly eloquent, dressed in a black rocker chic outfit and spreading an epidemic of joy, happiness and good vibrations. “This was the best night of my life”….ARO, “ I’ve gone to many of Sue’s parties throughout the years and although they were all great this one was sublime“…..Chris Granger, “I’ve never seen such high spirits and smiles during an event and I’ve been to many”…Billy Hess, “Sue Wong is the bomb”….Jimmy Star

And the bomb she was especially when she magically revamped the scenery and transported the guests to her own residence the famous rock star palace, The Cedars where the former residents consisted of Jim Morrison, Bella Lugosi, Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Depp, and many others. 

“ Not everyone is capable of madness and of those lucky enough to be capable, not many have the courage for it“….August Strindberg

A sense of wild rock n roll insanity possessed the spirit of the house as Scott Page organized a super jam that rocked the Casbah. The collective effervescence sang and danced till dawn while serenading Sue with birthday wishes. It was an amazing visit to another realm, and where immortality was concerned, the coiffure was of no relevance…

Special thanks from Sue Wong to: Freya Pruitt, Jo Hilton, Faith Harrington-Boutin,
Volunteers: (Ben Stobber, Julie Anne-Prescott, Mike Ferguson, Sheri Davis, Thanya Dupree, Jeffree Dupree, Diane McClure-Repetto, Dave Bailey, Jerry G. Angelo, Marcello Palacios, Aubrey Trujillo), Rock’d Vodka, Smith Devereux Wine, World Star PR, Scott Page, Gary Devon Dotson, Brian Sebastian, Chris Pitman, The Goddess Models, Golden Girls Dance Troop, The VENERABLE ABBOT, SHI YANFAN of the SHAOLIN TEMPLE,And all of her distinguished guests and dear personal friends for joining in the celebration 

Photo Credits: Billy Hess 

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